Wormholes vs black holes

Black Hole and Wormhole are two terms that are in the high concentration of studies by researchers and space scientists. There are a lot of mysteries revolving around black holes and stuck inside Worm Holes. In the following article, we are going to briefly describe Black Holes and Worm Holes and thus differentiating both of them. A black hole is a point in space with infinite gravity density. This is called a singularity.

And the gravity around it is so strong that not even the light can escape. And they occur naturally in nature. A wormhole is a way of traveling from one place to another faster than the speed of light. A wormhole is something like a hole punched in the fabric of space-time connecting two points in space.

These points could be millions of light-years away from each other but through a wormhole, you can reach there in seconds.

And they are not naturally occurring.

Wormhole and Black Hole – The distinction of Two Mysterious Thing

Some theories say that a black hole could be an opening to a wormhole leading somewhere else. But these are just theories and have no scientific or experimental pieces of evidence. Here are a few differences between Black holes and wormholes:. Black Hole. Worm Hole.

They are far different from each other wormhole is like a tunnel joining places in space where a black hole is a region where there is so much gravity that light cannot skip it so they are extremely different from each other.

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Popular Posts. Tuesday, December 29, What is Whirlpool Galaxy? Monday, December 28, Books 1 Facts 28 Graphene 1 How To?Like black holeswormholes arise as valid solutions to the equations of Albert Einstein 's General Theory of Relativityand, like black holesthe phrase was coined in by the American physicist John Wheeler. Also like black holesthey have never been observed directly, but they crop up so readily in theory that some physicists are encouraged to think that real counterparts may eventually be found or fabricated.

A white hole is the theoretical time reversal of a black hole and, while a black hole acts as a vacuum, drawing in any matter that crosses the event horizona white hole acts as a source that ejects matter from its event horizon. Some have even speculated that there is a white hole on the "other side" of all black holeswhere all the matter the black hole sucks up is blown out in some alternative universeand even that what we think of as the Big Bang might in fact have been the result of just such a phenomenon.

Flamm also noticed that the two solutions, describing two different regions of space-time could be mathematically connected by a kind of space-time conduit, and that, in theory at least, the black hole "entrance" and white hole "exit" could be in totally different parts of the same universe or even in different universes! Einstein himself explored these ideas further inalong with Nathan Rosen, and the two achieved a solution known as an Einstein-Rosen bridge also known as a Lorentzian wormhole or a Schwarzschild wormhole.

To better visualize a wormholeconsider the analogy of a piece of paper with two pencil marks drawn on it to represent two points in space-timethe line between them showing the distance from one point to the other in normal space-time.

If the paper is now bent and folded over almost double the equivalent of drastically warping space-timethen poking the pencil through the paper provides a much shorter way of linking the two points, a short-cut through space-time much like a wormhole. Some theorists are encouraged to think that real counterparts may eventually be found or fabricated and, perhaps, used as a tunnel or short-cut for high-speed space travel between distant points or even for time travel with all the potential paradoxes that might entail.

However, a generally accepted property of wormholes is that they are inherently highly unstable and would probably collapse in a much shorter time than it would take to get through to the other side. At any rate, it is predicted that they would collapse instantly if even the tiniest amount of matter even a single photon attempted to pass through them.

It has, however, still not been mathematically proven beyond all doubt that some kind of exotic matter with negative energy density is an absolute requirement for wormholesnor has it been established that such exotic matter cannot exist, so the possibility of a practical application of the theory still remains.

Because a wormholes is a conduit through 4- dimension al space-timeand not just through space, Stephen Hawking and others have also posited that wormholes might theoretically be utilized for travel through time as well as through space, although it is widely believed that time travel into the past will never be possible due to the potential for paradoxes and self-destructive feedback loops.

How fast are we traveling through space?? How fast does light travel? How far is it to space, the Moon, the Sun, the stars, etc? How many stars are there? How does the Sun shine? What different types of stars are there? What is the human body and the Earth, the Sun, the Universe made of? What if the history of the universe were squeezed into the period of one year? What are the coldest and the hottest objects in the universe?

What is the electromagnetic spectrum? What is a planet? What is a dwarf planet? Why do the planets orbit the Sun? If you quote this material please be courteous and provide a link. Citations Sources Inquiries Privacy Policy.Black Hole vs Wormhole. Black hole is simply a dead star, which is compacted to a very small region in the space. A wormhole is a hypothetical topological feature in the space that would create a tunnel between two points, creating a shortcut.

Black holes and wormholes have a vast mathematical background and are very important in studying the characteristics of the universe. The qualities and calculations relating black holes and worm holes are very important in fields such as astrophysics, cosmology, theoretical physics and various other fields.

Even though black holes and wormholes are not fully understood they are vital in understanding the mechanism of the universe as a whole. In this article, we are going to discuss what black holes and wormholes are, their definitions, some important concepts behind black holes and wormholes, their similarities, and finally the difference between black holes and wormholes. Astonishingly, the first idea of a black hole was first put forward by a geologist. It was John Michell who described a massive body with a high density that would not even let light escape from the surface of it.

He proposed this on a letter to Henry Cavendish in A black hole is dead star, which has a mass greater than 3 solar masses. The general theory behind black holes is that the escape velocity of the surface of the black hole or somewhere above the surface is greater than the speed of light. The limit where the escape velocity is equal to the speed of light is known as the event horizon.

The event horizon is the limit where even light cannot escape from the black hole. The inside of a black hole is usually referred as a singularity.

How Scientists Created A Wormhole In A Lab

A singularity is a place where the density is infinite, and the volume is zero. What happens inside the event horizon is not detectable through any means. In some black holes, there is an accretion disc outside the event horizon. These discs are mainly formed by attracting mass from a nearby star in a binary system. A wormhole is a hypothetical object or a phenomenon that would fold the three dimensional space through a higher dimension.For beginner levels, loves astronomy or physics, have the question in their mind so often.

Wormhole and Black hole are not the same, though the two concepts are related.

Difference Between Black Hole and Wormhole

Though there are few facts all over the internet nowadays. But we try our best to describe the simplest way.

wormholes vs black holes

A black hole can be considered a gravity well or space portal. Extremely warped space fabric, gravity, spirals at the speed of light into the black hole forcing any nearby energy into the black hole. They lead to other dimensions of space where energy particles are recycled and sent throughout all dimensions of space renewing itself, including its fabric.

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There are binary star systems where one of the two stars is invisible, but its presence is clearly indicated by its gravity and its influence on the other star. There are also presumed supermassive black holes at the center of galaxies, including our own Milky Way, and its gravitational properties make it pretty much impossible for it to be anything else other than a black hole.

Furthermore, we even have a fairly good understanding of the physics of stellar collapse that leads us to understand the creation of black holes.

Wormhole, on the other hand, Wormholes are theoretical concepts. We have zero evidence of their existence.

So if you enter one, instead of ending up crushed to bits the singularity, you exit the other and vice versa. The other puncture may be a very large distance away allowing travel through space much faster than the speed of lightor it may even be in another universe.

The idea of a wormhole comes from the fact that Nothing is perfectly flat or solid. So, it is now already you may have been understood the distinction between wormhole and black hole. All sorts of weird things have to happen in order for them to exist for anything more than a wink of an eye and to be traversable.

Moreover, the notion of traveling through a wormhole is fraught with significant difficulties, not the least of which would be the extreme tidal forces or the possibility that the attempt to travel through it would cause the wormhole to collapse. Not to mention that a traversable wormhole could, in principle, be used as a time machine, leading to issues with causality. Anyhow, the TLDR version is: Black holes are generally accepted, conventional physics, wormholes are highly speculative physics, but the two are related in the sense that they are both extreme examples of possible geometries in spacetime under general relativity.

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How widespread will it be?Black holes and wormholes are two fascinating topics in physics and also in scientific fictions.

A black hole is an extremely dense object with a large amount of matter and energy. So, they create extremely strong gravitational fields that distort the space-time around it. The concept of black holes are suggested in the theory of general relativity, and it was a theoretical concept for decades. Finally, physicists were lucky to confirm the existence of black holes after they could detect gravitational waves for the first time, on 14 September A wormhole is a theoretical concept suggested by Einstein and Rosen.

A wormhole connects two points in space-time or two different universes. Anyhow, they only exist in theoretical physics, to date.

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This the main difference between black hole and wormhole. Stars are huge natural thermonuclear power plants in the universe. Black holes, White dwarfs, and neutron stars are some possible results of a collapsing star.

wormholes vs black holes

So, one should have a clear understanding of the origin of stars in order to understand the formation of black holes. After the Big Bang, the matter was almost in the form of protons, electrons and some other light nuclei. These were floating throughout the universe just like a gas.

As the universe cooled down, the gravitational forces could bring some of these particles together, and giant gaseous clouds were formed. As the gravitational forces attracted the matter in the clouds together, particles came closer and closer. So, the kinetic energy of particles increased. The temperature continuously increased as the clouds were contracting.

Finally, the internal temperature reached about 7K, and the density of such a cloud was extremely high. So, the collapsing clouds reached the essential conditions for nuclear fusion reactions, and stars were born. But, after the fusion fuel of the star is used up, the mass of the star contracts into a very small volume by the gravitational forces of the star as the remaining heat and radiation pressure is not enough to balance its own gravitational forces.

The result is an extremely dense ball. Then the star becomes either a white dwarf or neutron star or black hole depending on its mass. A star having a mass less than 1. Stars having more than nearly 3 solar masses will become black holes through another astronomical stage.

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wormholes vs black holes

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wormholes vs black holes

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Wormholes and Black Holes : The Difference

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